Our reliable, predictable and stable workforce, will understand your needs, formulating a plan  and excuting resets and renovations ontime.  We obtain the permits and work with landlords to gain approvals for projects.  We strive to minimize waste by properly accounting for elements and materials with demolitions we ensure proper disposal and will endeavour to recycle as many materials as possible. 

Services provided by Total Retail Specialists of Canada Inc

* Project Management

* New Store Openings

* Renovations

* Fixture and Millwork Installation

* Display Set-Up

* Immediate and Progressive Maintenance

* Logistics and Warehousing Facility

Get a Total Retail Specialists Project Manager involved in the early stages of your renovations, your project is guaranteed to receive the greatest opportunity to effectively control costs, schedules, and quality.  Renovations are delivered with consistancy and clarity.  The Project Manager will keep you updated on the progress of tasks and provide innovating reporting.

Our Services